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Super Granny 4 : Super Granny® is back and better than ever!
With all-new enemies, a hilarious storyline, over 30 interactive items and unique bonuses, help the ladies run, dig and climb their way through more than 160 levels in this puzzle-solving, item-tossing, addictive adventure!
Join Kamila, Margaret and everyone’s favorite geriatric superhero, Super Granny, for this all-new, globe-trotting adventure! As Super Granny, Kamila and Margaret reminisce about their past adventures, help the ladies navigate 6 exotic locales - from ancient Egyptian tombs overrun with mummies, to exotic Alaskan cruises – with everything leading up to a final showdown with the nefarious, and dastardly named, Colonel Hans Foote, the leader of a mysterious shadow organization.
Super Granny 4 - Screen-shot 1 Super Granny 4 - Screen-shot 2 Super Granny 4 - Screen-shot 3
System Requirements
  • + Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • + Pentium II 400Mhz or better
  • + 256 MB System RAM
  • + 32 bit 3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card with 32MB Video RAM Internet
  • + Direct-X 8.1 or above
Advantages of full version
  • + 160+ levels spread out over 6 exotic locales
  • + Easy-to-use level editor and exclusive user-created level packs
  • + All-new side-by-side multiplayer mode
  • + Global high-score posting with SLG Connect
How to download / install
1. Once you have clicked "Download", press "Run" in the download window.
2. Once downloaded, the software will install automatically (by default).
3. Simply press "Play" once installation is complete to enjoy your free trial period. Good luck!
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