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Jewel Charm : The Princess had finally found her Prince
The Princess had finally found her Prince, and a royal wedding was at hand.

The Princess had finally found her Prince, and a royal wedding was at hand. But the night before the big day, a fearsome dragon stole the Crown Jewels. The beast was hurt by the King's knights and the damaged Crown Jewels were scattered all over the Kingdom. You have been chosen by the King to restore the jewelry, so that the Princess's dream may be fulfilled. Jewel Charm is an addictive yet relaxing puzzle inlay game that adds many new features to the genre. Instead of just randomly putting different colored pieces in a puzzle, the player designs beautiful and glimmering jewelry.

Throughout the game, the player is guided by the fairy Fiona, who introduces both classic and new features one by one. There are three game modes available. Players that are new to the genre can start off with the Relaxed Mode, without stress and time limits, while experienced players may select the Normal or Intense Mode, where different enemies need to be defeated and some special competition levels have time limits.

Jewel Charm - Screen-shot 1 Jewel Charm - Screen-shot 2 Jewel Charm - Screen-shot 3
System Requirements
  • + CPU 1,2GHz
  • + DirectX 7.0
  • + 256MB RAM
  • + Windows 98 or above (Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7)
Advantages of full version
  • + Charming and gorgeous graphics
  • + Design your own jewelry
  • + 76 beautiful and relaxing puzzles
  • + Prove your skills in jewelry competitions
  • + Enjoy clever mini-games
How to download / install
1. Once you have clicked "Download", press "Run" in the download window.
2. Once downloaded, the software will install automatically (by default).
3. Simply press "Play" once installation is complete to enjoy your free trial period. Good luck!
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