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How to buy a game

 1- Download the game

If you want to buy the game, you have to download it first.
If you want to download, click on the "Download" button related to your game, on mDownloads website.
You can also click here to download directly.

A popup will open: just click on "Run" to allow the file download as shown below:

You can check the download process of your file through the Tiny Manager Download window, as shown below:

At the end of the download, your game is automatically installed (unless you changed the settings). Just click on "Play" to open the game, as shown below:

 2- Buy the game

If you want to purchase the game, you have to launch it first.
You can now click on the "Buy" button as shown below:

 3- Play for free

Before buying, you may want to try the game, see if you really like it.
Most of the games provided on mDownloads have 1 hour free trial. To enjoy this free trial, just click the "Play for free" button as shown below:

 4- Launch the game later on

If you want to play again with your game later on, a game icon is saved on your desktop. Just double-click it to launch the game.
You can also reach the game using the "Start > All programs > Boonty Games > game name > Play" menu.
When launching a game:
  • If you bought the game already, you will access the game itself;
  • If you haven't bought the game yet, you will be able to continue playing until the trial period is over. At that point, if you want to keep playing, you just need to buy the game. Your game play will be saved and you will start from where you finished the trial version.